Born out of the lack of beautiful steno pads and inspired by creatives, Jenna Worthen designed The Task Keeper system with one goal in mind: beautiful efficiency. 

In an electronic world, the need for standard paper tools has diminished. Yet, the need to capture one's tasks, maintain a tangible to-do list, on paper is still desired for one powerful reason: the ability to physically check a completed task off that list. 

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Jenna Worthen

"I searched for years for beautiful steno pads and they simply don't exist. I tried numerous other forms of notepads ranging from the journal style to full-fledged planners/life management notebooks. Electronic calendar invites rendered the calendar portion of my planner obsolete and the planner format did not allow me the space I needed to manage tasks and take notes. Simply put, nothing worked better for me than a traditional steno pad. One major problem: they were ugly. So, I decided to create my own line of beautiful steno pads, combined with a simple, efficient task management system. Inspired by other creatives, I adopted a motto: If it doesn't exist, make it. And that's how The Task Keeper came to be."

A Wife, Mother, Boss: Pursuing a new passion

Jenna Worthen currently enjoys learning how to balance raising two boys, ages four and two, with the demands of her job leading a political and nonprofit fundraising consulting team. Because she wasn't busy enough, she launched The Task Keeper in October 2015, pursing a new passion to bring beautiful efficiency into the lives of others. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband of six years on a beautiful five-acre "farm," complete with a tree-lined drive and white fence.   

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